Machines and maintenance are becoming more and more intelligent. Internet of Things, predictive analytics and Big Data are new tools that will have to be part of the toolbox of the maintenance teams of the future. 

In times of industry 4.0, BEMAS wants to honour with this award a digital transformation focusing on maintenance, reliability and availability of the assets. In principle, all types of digital improvement processes are eligible, i.e. both technical and organisational improvements.

The next edition will be organised in 2023.

The winners of the awards will be announced during the Asset Performance 4.0 Conference, on Wednesday 25 October 2023.

Technical Team of the Year 2022

In 2022, BEMAS organises the Award for Technical Team of the Year. The Symposium and Award Show will take place in Wallonia on 9 June during the Forum Maintenance and In Flanders on 16 June

Discover the finalists and register to witness the election on the BEMAS site.

For whom is the Asset Performance 4.0 contest?

✔ All types of organisations that operate in an asset-intensive environment: maintenance servicesproject teams or asset management organisations in the industry or infrastructure world

✔ Technical service providers can also take part in the competitions for the awards. 

✔ The contest is open to all companies in Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

✔Participating is free of costs.

Why participate?

✔ Show that you are proud of the achievements of your organisation and the employees in your team. 

✔ Increase the image of your technical department and/or your team and company.

✔ Improve the commitment and pride of your employees. 

✔ Discover additional opportunities for improvement through interaction with the jury.

✔ Give a nice incentive to your technical team (see below). 

✔ Limited amount of time to help you and your company move forward. 

What can you win?

✔ A trophy for the 3 winners and a certificate for all finalists. 

✔ For each of the winning files, there is an incentive worth € 500, which you can use to pamper your winning team. The incentive will be decided by mutual agreement. This can range from T-shirts, over a drink or dinner, to gift vouchers that can be freely spent. 

✔ Broad and positive media coverage in the trade press for you, your team, your company and the innovation or best practice that you apply. 

✔ A fascinating and interesting networking dinner, together with the other finalists and the jury.

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