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Machines and maintenance are becoming more and more intelligent. Internet of Things, predictive analytics and Big Data are new tools that will have to be part of the toolbox of the maintenance teams of the future. 

In times of industry 4.0 we want to award the Asset Performance 4.0 Award for a digital transformation that focuses on maintenance, reliability and availability of the assets. In principle, all types of digital improvement processes are eligible, i.e. both technical and organizational improvements.

You can vote for your favourite via the public vote which is accessible until the Wednesday after the cases are being broadcast. 

You can follow the cases live or re-watch them on the Asset Performance 4.0 platform. Read more here.

The 2020 finalists

Engie European Maintenance Support: Improve asset performance of our thermal fleet by the use of best-in-class analytics technology

To support the business performance of its thermal powerplants ENGIE decided to invest in Robin Analytics in order to enhance it and transform it as the Group digital platform dedicated to thermal assets.

TCV (Temperature Control Valves) and FWP (Feed Water Pumps) are within BUGEN, 2 BOP related equipment’s that impact significantly the asset performance. Failed TCV forced ENGIE twice to an unplanned stop last 5 years, resulting in a negative S-P impact. During planned shutdowns of FPW’s, ENGIE were faced to unforeseen repair costs linked to equipment malfunction consequence damage. Anticipating equipment degradation will also impact maintenance cost in a positive way.

Based on supervised analytics ENGIE trends the equipment malfunction and forecasts the degradation into human readable recommendations. So, maintenance can be easily planned before the equipment end of life. Based on Robin analytics, the COI will increase by 0.3% in 2021 by avoiding unplanned equipment failure.

Yara Asset Performance 4.0

Yara Tertre: Maintenance & Industrial major risks into a 4.0 context

The objective of Yara’s digitalization strategy was to develop new sources of performance data and deploy methodologies and technology to measure and quantify plants performance in all transparency. Furthermore they wanted to develop digital tools to harvest more predictive information from existing data collected.

They are specifically proud of the key drivers in different 4.0 pilot tests, such as energy efficient monitoring and the control of the ammonia plant (550 MW). They were also able to change the curve interface possibility in the purpose of ‘Process Safety’ and ‘Reliability’ of the site. Most importantly, there were extra human interaction benefits: colleagues from different departments (process, operators & maintenance) were ensured of up to date development and improved their personal skills.

Siemens Logistics: Critical asset monitoring applying ML, FFT based on edge and cloud computing

Siemens faced unexpected down time and unnecessary maintenance. In an annual cycle, the timing belts or heavy rubber chains were replaced by the lowest bidding service organization. The work was executed poorly and caused drive shaft misalignment, higher vibration that has led to looseness.

Siemens started working together with 3 major airports on modern technology, which encompassed data collection and pre processing using modern wireless vibration sensors (with external power connection) recording 24/7, edge and cloud computing and the use of Siemens MindSphere Ecosystem as data repository, and modern dashboarding allying scatter plot diagrams that enable ‘non-technician’ to identify failure without being obliged of analyzing complex technical data.

As a result, labor intensive and high risk surveys (working at height and in confined space) were reduced to a minimum. Unexpected downtime on monitored assets were reduced significant and for the last year ‘eliminated’.

About the previous edition

Re-engineered condition monitoring for the hot strip mill : WINNER

Every hour of extra production means extra output for the hot strip mill. That’s why ArcelorMittal focused on increasing reliability for the heart of the world’s most innovative hot strip mill.

Prodigis: digitalizing safety for maintenance on railroad tracks

Until this project, the railroad tracks were secured for maintenance by telephone and paper. Thanks to Prodigis, Infrabel is digitising its way of working.

Remote Performance Management for Air Cooled Condensers

Optimizing the performance of an ACC, a critical part of the steam cycle, and performing digital condition based monitoring leads to substantial improvements in overall efficiency and reliability.

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