About the contest

Excellent results in the field of Asset Performance cannot be achieved without an excellent technical team. That is why we would like to give you the opportunity to put your colleagues in the spotlight as Technical Team of the Year.  In principle, all types of technical services are eligible, i.e. both maintenance services that work internally at an asset owner, as well as service providing technical services that are active at customers.

For whom?

✔ All types of organisations that operate in an asset-intensive environment: maintenance services, project teams or asset management organisations in the industry or infrastructure world

✔ Technical service providers can also take part in the competitions for the awards. 

The Asset Performance Awards are not only open to Belgian entries, but also to other European entries

Why participate?

✔ Show that you are proud of the achievements of your organisation and the employees in your team. 

✔ Increase the image of your technical department and/or your team and company.

✔ Improve the commitment and pride of your employees. 

✔ Discover additional opportunities for improvement through interaction with the jury.

✔ Give a nice incentive to your technical team (see below). 

✔ Limited amount of time to help you and your company move forward. 

What can you win?

✔ A trophy for the 3 winners and a certificate for all finalists. 

✔ For each of the winning files, there is an incentive worth € 500, which you can use to pamper your winning team. The incentive will be decided by mutual agreement. This can range from T-shirts, over a drink or dinner, to gift vouchers that can be freely spent. 

✔ Broad and positive media coverage in the trade press for you, your team, your company and the innovation or best practice that you apply. 

✔ A fascinating and interesting networking dinner, together with the other finalists and the jury.

Download all information here.

The 2020 finalists

Due to circumstances related to Corona, finalist CBRE has decided to no longer participate in the competition.

Therefore it has been decided not to host the Technical Team of The Year Award.

However, the remaining finalist will receive an honourable mention, and can proudly present the merits of his team.

The ITIS Technical Team: Honourable mention

The technical team of ITIS counts 6 people who are very involved in the company. In recent years all involved, technicians were asked to think about ideas to make their work more safe and efficient. The management has chosen to work out most ideas depending on importance and cost for development.

The 2019 finalists

Towards a centralized maintenance service

Bionerga’s various maintenance teams merged into one service last year. Better organisation, planning and work preparation were the spearheads. They will be happy to explain to you how they have successfully completed this process of change.

Telecom technical team

Fluvius is proud of its technical team because they all work together and go the extra mile when needed. The teamspirit is high: if someone needs help, everyone will put in a little effort. Together they are proud that they are the third biggest telecom-network in Flanders.

Maintenance team: WINNER

The maintenance team at Imec has succeeded in implementing new systems in the day-to-day maintenance work. They also do in-house trainings, which are much appreciated. And: they no longer resist change. The result? The teamspirit is on an all-time high, they work more efficiently and are extremely motivated.

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