In 2019, BEMAS vzw organised the first edition of the Asset Performance Awards. With these three awards we respond to a number of important trends in the metier of maintenance. First and foremost, the maintenance policy is increasingly embedded in a long-term asset management strategy. Maintenance must ensure that the assets deliver the desired performance. Performance of the installations or infrastructure is always the result of translating a strong vision into reality thanks to the application of good practices.

Follow in the footsteps of the previous winners and win one of these awards.

Registration is open until August 31st 2021. The awards will be presented on October, 27th 2021.




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The best maintenance management starts with strong, well thought-out best practices. This award puts successful projects on best practices, reliability, condition monitoring… in the spotlight.

Machines and maintenance are becoming consistently more intelligent. Internet of Things, predictive analysis and Big Data should be in the toolbox of the maintenance teams of the future. With this award, we focus on 4.0 projects.

Teamwork is the basis of your company. A solid, close-knit team delivers the best work. This award honors proud teams that have overcome many challenges together and show a great deal
of team spirit.

Why participate?

Show that you are proud of the achievements of your organisation and the employees in your team. 

Increase the image of your technical department and/or your team and company.

Improve the commitment and pride of your employees. 

Discover additional opportunities for improvement through interaction with the jury.

Give a nice incentive to your technical team (see below). 

Limited amount of time to help you and your company move forward. 

What can you win?

A trophy for the 3 winners and a certificate for all finalists. 

For each of the winning files, there is an incentive worth 500, which you can use to pamper your winning team. The incentive will be decided by mutual agreement. This can range from T-shirts, over a drink or dinner, to gift vouchers that can be freely spent. 

Broad and positive media coverage in the trade press for you, your team, your company and the innovation or best practice that you apply. 

A fascinating and interesting networking dinner, together with the other finalists and the jury.

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